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Used to restore a shine or gloss to vinyl products.  Koala Sealer will also renew the depth to black and other dark color tops.  Best of all, Koala Sealer will keep contaminants from penetrating the vinyl dye.  Since this product contains no silicone, the treated top doesn't feel slimy and won't run off.

Koala Sealer may be used on other vinyl products.  Customers have applied it to weathered dashboards, door panels, and black trim moldings to restore the gloss.  Unlike common silicone treatments, this is a long term treatment.


$18.95 / 16 OZ. SEALER

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Plastic Cleaners are designed for vinyl and cloth. They will clean convertible and vinyl tops removing even mildew.  Plastic Sealer restores gloss and helps protect from the elements for long periods of time.  Koala Plastic Polish is NOT A SILICONE. it REMOVES SCRATCHES.

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